Mini Post – can you wear scarves all year?

Easy answer is YES!

Scarves are standard for fall and winter so let’s not address that. Let’s talk about wearing scarves in the spring and summer! If the scarf is a lighter material feel free to wear it in the spring and summer. This is especially true for cool offices and if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too hot. Now if you live in the south like we do…you may want to ditch the scarves when it becomes hotter than hell. (June – August!!!).

Mini Post- It’s all about the bag!

So I was on vacation and midway through I realized I had the WRONG type of purse.  I thought I was smart by going with a small cross-body.  NOPE.  Then I decided I needed a bigger bag so I went with my LongChamp bag.  Too big and too heavy.

I started to think about what would be the perfect travel bag that was large enough for what I needed and still stylish. 

After searching around I found a slightly bigger crossbody that holds everything! It is still small enough not to be cumbersome! Another option I found was a cute and stylish backpack! Longchamp has great and inexpensive ones.

These bags are perfect for traveling or attending festivals!

Mini Post- Winter is OVER? Not quite.

We are at that pivotal time when Winter is ending and Spring is beginning. You wake up and it is slightly TOO cold to not wear a coat or sweater…but the afternoons are TOO hot to wear them! WHAT the hell? How do you dress for that? We have one word for you…LAYERS.

Yes, layers can be annoying but it is the only way to survive the Winter/Spring transition.

SO go ahead and dust off your Spring clothes and toss on a denim jacket or cardigan. And you may want to get that pedicure. Open toed shoes are JUST around the corner.

For the love of Leopard Print!

We haven’t blogged for awhile but we do post to Instagram daily. (@thesimplystyled – IG plug).

When we discussed getting back into posting on our blog I went through our photos on Instagram for inspiration. I then used Voxer to send a message to Jill about some ideas. She was like “Oh yeah let’s do this”. SO here we are!

We already posted a Mad for Plaid blog so now it is time to talk about ANOTHER print we are mad about! LEOPARD PRINT!

We swear you can wear leopard print with ANYTHING! I mean, I am sure there are some limitations but seriously…it goes with everything we have tried!

We both own a nice assortment of leopard prints. Scarves, shoes, belts, sweaters and cardigans! Jill’s daughter is even in on the leopard print love!

So let’s start with the Leopard print belt…



So Jill paired her leopard print belt with the classic chambray shirt and black slacks. This takes a classic look and adds a pop to the outfit!

The next belt look is from Leah. She was inspired by an image on Pinterest. Simple black dress with black boots, polka dot leggings, a bright colored scarf and the leopard print belt. The belt really ties the mixed patterns together.

Next – leopard print shoes! Leopard print shoes can be sexy and fun. You can wear them with jeans, skirts, slacks, dresses…basically anything but shorts (unless they are leopard print tennis shoes or flats)! We both have leopard print kitten heels and leopard print flats.






Here are examples of how we have worn the shoes PLUS you get a bonus shot of Olivia rocking her leopard print slip ons!

Pic one- simple but classic look. Black slacks, camel sweater and white collared shirt paired with leopard print kitten heels.

Pic two- fantastic pattern mixing! Black printed pants with the leopard print flats. Add a chambray shirt and red cardigan for a pop of color and DONE.

Pic three- Olivia- our guest model! Dark denim with a lighter denim jacket, red and white polka dot scarf paired with a white sweater and her leopard print slip on’s. Such a perfect and hip combo!

Pic four- Jill’s awesome steal from DSW. She got these fantastic kitten heels ON CLEARANCE!

Pic five- Here is how Jill styled an outfit around her shoes. Love the peach scarf with the white top and black slacks. Peach is a great color to pair with leopard print!

We have mentioned in earlier posts how we LOVE scarves. We each own TONS of them. Now, leopard print isn’t always tan, brown and black. You can get this print in a variety of colors!





Ok we have tons of pics wearing our leopard scarves so we just picked a few.

Pic one- Leah paired her silver, grey and black printed scarf with a black and grey striped blouse, jeans and flats.

Pic two and three- Jill’s leopard print scarf styled two different ways. The first is with a black dress and brown boots and the second is with a black top, dark skinny jeans and brown boots. Great color combos for the scarf!

Pic four- Our guest model Olivia is styling Jill’s scarf with a white sweater and her red skinny jeans. Always stylish!

AND the last of our leopard print obsession is cardigans and sweaters!





So, Target has the BEST leopard print cardigan for about $20 or so…go pick it up if you are looking for one! We both own it!

Pic one & two- Jill is wearing the above mentioned cardigan. She has styled it with pants and a dress and boots. It really adds to any outfit!

Pic three- Leah’s grey and black leopard print sweater paired with a black scarf, jeans and boots.

Pic four- from our Mad for Plaid blog, Leah has her OTHER leopard print cardigan (yes she owns 2) with her plaid shirt.

So- this ended up being a pretty long blog post. Hope you have fallen in love with leopard print as much as we are in love with it!

Mad for Plaid!

A week or so ago there was a style challenge on Instagram that revolved around plaid. The challenge was to mix plaid with another pattern. I looked around my closet and decided I need to try this challenge!

Here are 3 examples of my mad for plaid week:


This is actually my favorite look of the week. Mixed a cropped plaid jacket with a striped skirt. My top, tights and boots were black. The coat and skirt worked well b/c of the color scheme.


Plaid and polka dots! This was the most comfortable look! Simple t shirt dress with polka dot leggings and a plaid scarf. Added my black tom wedges to complete the look.


Leopard print and plaid! Never really thought about adding these two patterns together but it really works! The blue on the sweater matched the blue in the plaid. I really like the red plaid with the leopard.

So the point of this post is to inspire you to mix and match patterns you may not think would go. Try it out! You too may find yourself mixing something and making a really great outfit!

Mini Post- a few of my favorite things!

I was getting ready today and I realized I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products. Here are the items I use on a daily basis:

Beauty Products

Nivea Skin Firming Hydration
This has been my most consistently purchased lotion. I sometimes buy generic or cheaper products but this one is my favorite by far. It isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly. Keeps my skin hydrated (as the label states) and it makes me feel better that it claims to be skin firming.

Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion
I am always on the hunt for good hair products that will tame my crazy hair. This is a product you can use wet or dry. It is mostly used to enhance curls, but I like to use it just on my tips when my hair is damp. It makes using my round brush easier b/c the ends curl and stay curled. I sometimes take a VERY little bit and scrunch it in my dry hair.

Kevin Murphy Body Builder
Well- this is currently my favorite volumizing hair product but I am not that loyal to it. I will use any product that is volumizing AND a spray. Sometimes a mousse. Why did I add this? B/c currently it is my favorite volumizing product and I will purchase it again. It gives my roots the lift I want and isn’t heavy. My next favorite brand would be Big & Sexy (I think that is the name)…

Smashbox Primers
Can’t. Live. Without it. The tall one is an all over primer and the tube is an under eye primer. Let me start by saying my life changed when I started using a primer. I have oily skin and no this isn’t the solution to not having oily skin BUT it is a great solution to keep my make up from just melting off my face. The under eye primer is perfect for keeping my eye liner from smearing. (I didn’t post my eyeliner b/c I am out of what I usually use AND I am trying something new…jury is still out). Seriously, you can just wear the primer and some mascara and be fresh faced! I have splotchy skin so I love primer b/c I don’t feel so exposed. I feel it evens out my skin tone.

Aveeno Moisturizer
This is my newest product to start using. I chose to post it b/c I am more a fan of moisturizer than a brand. So far I really like this one. I was using Olay night and day cream (totally love them) but wanted to try something different for awhile. This one is smooth, not greasy and absorbs quickly. I don’t feel overly oily and it makes a smooth base for my primer and make up. It is a great purchase and if you are looking for a moisturizer I would recommend it.

Great Lash
Duh- best cheap mascara ever. I like it b/c it is very affordable and doesn’t smear on me. Makes my lashes exactly as I want them. I cannot use a mascara that lengthens my lashes b/c I wear glasses and can’t stand them to touch my lenses. Creeps me out. This is my favorite but I have some other ones I have used that I like, which include Smashbox, Bare Minerals, and CK One.

Nivea Crème
THIS IS THE BOMB! I use this day and night on my nose, around my eyes and mouth. It is a heavy crème that should only be used on dry portions of your face. I have stated I have oily skin (and I do) but I tend to have a dry nose. I use it around my eyes and mouth to keep those areas moisturized. For some reason I think this will help fight wrinkles. No proof of this but going to use it till I think I need wrinkle creams for my eye and mouth area.

Dallas Bronzer
I love Benefit make up. I use the black pencil eyeliner (right now I am trying the Benefit gel eyeliner). I stopped using blush and started using just a bronzer about a year ago. A friend of mine used this and I tried it and fell in love. It is the perfect color and looks good instead of blush. I may go back to blush one day. I do love me some Smashbox blush! Until then…I will keep using my Dallas bronzer and loving every minute of it!